Interview: Frank Grudge of GRUDGE! discusses Grudgefest!

For the first time ever, I am doing an interview! Local festivals have always been a key part of the “supporting your scene” experience to me, and are always an amazing time with plenty of bands, booze and buddies. For that reason I was thrilled to speak to Frank Grudge, vocalist of Melbourne grindcore/hardcore band GRUDGE! and organizer of Grudgefest!

Grudgefest! is an extremely good line up of Australian underground extreme music, at an extremely good venue (the Brunny) for an extremely good price (FREE!!!). It’s next month on 11/03/17 and you can read all about it on the Facebook event. Now here’s what Frank had to say about it.

What inspired you to start your own festival?

It was just a natural progression I guess. I’ve kinda just fallen into the roll of band booker and sometimes it’s just as easy putting on ten bands as it is four. If you pick the right bands and the right venue, certain things just seem to take care of themselves.

What makes Grudgefest! different to other festivals?

I guess with show lineups they are always going to the sum of their parts. I try to pick a group of underground bands that I really like and I think gel well together. I strive for some variety and elements that will make a good show. I try make it undeniable for punters, it’s down to the lineup and a good price. Grudgefest! is always free so winner winner chicken dinner.

As the Grudgefest! organizer, which bands on the line up are you most excited about?

So much to be excited about on this lineup, with 13 bands from 4 different states.
FACEGRINDER from WA with a new vocalist in tow, cricket-inspired punk rock from SA SHAME WORN, Melbourne’s DEAD ROOT, metallic hardcore sounds from DISASTERS, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Mathcore heroes DRIVETIME COMMUTE are right up there as one of my favourite locals. The GOOD TIME AUSSIE BOGALARS from Ballarat are the perfect blend of speed and bogan, they are good value also.

If you could have any Australian band come play Grudgefest! 18, who would you pick?

I have some ideas and you will just have to wait and see.

Would you ever want to have Grudgefest! anywhere else, or are you loyal to the Brunny?

Trying to get the same result elsewhere wouldn’t really be possible. So many upsides to booking the Brunny.

If you had to make a drink that summed up Grudgefest!, what would it be?

If Grudgefest! were a drink it would simply be coffee.
Do you want coffee? Where do you want to go?!? Degraves Street? 7/11? You got pods? Want a short black? Sugar? Soy? Iced? So many combinations, it doesn’t really matter how you look at it coffee ain’t ever lame and it’s never boring, well for me it’s not anyway.

After Grudgefest!, what are GRUDGE!’s plans for 2017?

We have a few splits in the works with some friends up the east coast DISPARO! and POVAROTTI. Most likely some east coast shows to follow.

Finally, should fans bring their dancing shoes for a wild night in the pit?

Correct footwear for Grudgefest! will always be drinking boots. Might be some kung fu slippers? As for dancing shoes, sure why not I’m sure there will be some argy-bargy on the floor.

Well there you have it folks, grab your coffee, put on your drinking boots, and get yourself down to the Brunswick Hotel next month for Grudgefest! A showcase on extreme music from all around the country!



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