Welcome everyone to my new website!

My name is Regan, I’m from Ballarat, Victoria, and I’m currently residing in the heart of Australian metal, Melbourne.

While growing up listening to rock and metal, I have recently began to branch out in to the punk scene, and occasionally fool around with other music like Aussie hip hop.

Being pretty talentless and very tone deaf, I was never able to contribute to the local scene as a musician, but through SF Media (then called Sludge Factory) I was able to find my place as a writer capable of singing praise to my favourite bands and having it posted for the world to read.

Following the changes to SF Media I found myself with a void to fill as an album and gig reviewer, so rather than join up with another established website I figured I’d start my own. Now I’m free from all the pressures of deadlines and obligations, and can write how I want and when I want, the whole thing feels rather liberating!

Under///Current is where I write for me, I review what I want and do it when I want to, no deadlines or obligations, just passion!

On that note, if you know anyone who might want to have their band reviewed on here, email me at regan@undercurrent.blog, and I’ll suss them out. I highly doubt I’ll say no to anyone that actually wants to be reviewed by me! Please be patient though, I’m a busy man these days so I don’t get to write much.


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